My First Steps to Becoming an Event Planner.

The First Time

It all started two years ago when my sister’s friend contacted me to see if I was free to help out the day of their wedding. He needed someone that he knew, trusted, and was still living in the area of South of France, as most of his friends and acquaintances moved away from their home town.

After discussing the vendors and venue they had previously booked, as well as other entertainment and decor, all they had to do was hand me over the table plans, decor ideas, list of guests, and last but not least, the most important of all, the wedding schedule.

Then came the day! 9 a.m. was the time to be on site. Last minute details had to be sorted out and clarified with the venue’s owner, as the garden was not in its most exquisite beauty, as it had planned to be. So luckily, we had one of my sisters and my friend there to help all of us out.

Afterwards, we installed the lights, torches, chairs for the ceremony, as well as help the florist set up the flowers, and the caterer set up the cocktail and dinning area.

Soon after, the celebration began with a forty minute ceremony, followed by a relaxing cocktail, then an elegant diner, and the best part, dancing!

Altogether the celebration finished at 4a.m. but the celebration wasn’t over as a brunch was planned to finalise the long week of partying and close, well, my first wedding experience.