We are based in southwestern France on the Basque Coast but travel domestically- Biarritz, Hossegor, Arcachon, Bordeaux, Pau, La Rochelle- and Internationally.

Wanderlust Destination Events believes that every event is unique. We excel in developing and maintaining relationships necessary to create wonderful celebrations. Kimberley Joyeux listens attentively to her clients’ hopes and desires, and avises them on the best providers for their special occasion. Her process of guiding clients through the details and offering suggestions while respecting their expectations results in a peaceful and stress-free event.

Growing up on the southwest coast of France and on the beautiful beaches of southern California, Kimberley developed a love for traveling and exploring new cultures. She is strongly influenced by both France and America. With her own unique, caring enthusiasm Kimberley brings people together and finds ways for them to enjoy each other’s company and to connect. This interest has led her to develop a passion for special gatherings: A well planned wedding or birthday celebration facilitates happiness and communication like few other human activities. Kimberley’s experience of her two cultures is a natural fit with special destinations event planning. Her degree in Interior Design is the compliment to her belief in relationships. Kimberley is an attentive and detail oriented designer. Her natural creativity, rigorous organization and hard working ethic combine to create beautiful, well-organized events that bring people closer together and create lasting memories.