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Nous sommes basés dans le Sud Ouest de la France sur la Côte Basque mais nous nous déplaçons dans toute la France et à l'étranger.

Growing up in the Southwest coast of France and on the beautiful beaches of California, Kimberley developed a love for traveling and exploring new cultures. She was strongly influenced by both french and American cultures having spent her life living in both countries.

Kimberley is profoundly interested in bringing people together and finding a way for them to enjoy each others company and connect. This trait lead her to develop a talent and passion for event planning: A well planned wedding or birthday celebration facilitates happiness and communication like few other human activities. Kimberley’s experience of her two cultures naturally lead to the concept of special destinations event planning.Having graduated from university with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design reveals her creativity, rigorous organization and hard working ethic. After planning a very successful international wedding for a friend, she decided to specialize in English speaking weddings in Bordeaux France. She is currently developing her own business, Wanderlust Events.

Kimberley is attentive and detail oriented. She believes that every event is unique and excels in the relationships necessary to create wonderful celebrations with her clients. She listens attentively to their hopes and desires, and advises them on the best providers for their special occasion. She guides them through details and offers suggestions, while respecting their expectations resulting in a peaceful and stress-free event.